BioPhotonX™ - How It Works

Our BioPhotonX UV Light Conversion Technology captures and magnifies UV light and employs a process called Photolysis that acts as a catalyst to break down portions of the water molecules into their component parts of hydrogen and oxygen.

The resulting atoms and molecules reunite in various combinations to form small amounts of Reactive Oyxgen Species or Free Radicals as they are often commonly known. These Free Radicals attack, weaken and inhibit reproduction of your pool’s bacteria.

phase one

phase one

broken down H₂O

Portions of water (H₂O) molecules are broken down into their component parts of hydrogen and oxygen.

phase two

phase two

free radicals

The resulting atoms and molecules reunite to form small amounts of Free Radicals.

phase three

phase three

bacteria reduction

Free Radicals attack, weaken and inhibit reproduction of your pool’s bacteria while stabilizing pH levels at the same time.

How You Use It

  1. Put Card On Guard in your pool or hot tub and let it float.
  2. After 1 week reduce the amount of chlorine/bromine normally used by 50% (if free chlorine/bromine at 2 ppm minimum; if not at that level, add normal amount of chlorine/bromine for an additional week before reducing chlorine/bromine)
  3. Maintain the 50% level of normally used chlorine/bromine thereafter based on water tests. (If free chlorine/bromine levels outside acceptable range, decrease or increase amount of chlorine/bromine as needed)

It’s that simple.

NOTE: Proper water circulation is required for Card On Guard to perform. Also, excessive rain and/or debris in water may require shock treatment and a return to the 3 steps outlined above. As with any pool/hot tub sanitizing solution, the more precautions you take to keep water clear, the better Card On Guard performs (showering before entering, cleaning pool of leaves, etc)

How You Know It’s Working

Standard testing kits that measure free chlorine/bromine and pH levels will show you if it works or not. Once you have been using Card On Guard and begin reducing the amount of chlorine/bromine you normally add to your pool or hot tub, your water test kit will show you if there is still an acceptable level of free chlorine/bromine available to fight bacteria and if your pH levels are consistent with water that is enjoyable to bath in. If your test kit shows that you are still in the “ideal” range (1-2ppm of free chlorine/bromine and a pH of 7-8), you know your pool water is controlling the bacteria level at the reduced level of chemical usage, that the pH level is good and that Card On Guard is working.


The decomposition or separation of molecules by the action of light.