What Users Say

We have a 10,000 gallon pool and we reduced our chlorine by 97% using Card on Guard. As a cancer survivor reducing chemic exposure is vital to my health. I appreciate the technology behind this product!

Karen K.

Kansas City, MO

The amount of chlorine tabs in the dispenser is about 25% of the usual amount we used before we put in the cards and the chemical amounts in the pool and the chlorine are at an optimal level.

Jim C.

San Diego, CA

We used it in my mother-in-law’s pool and the pool guy couldn’t believe his eyes. He stopped coming after a short while…

Peter O.

New York, NY

100% chlorine reduction… we shower before entering.

Allan S.

Minneapolis, MN

I’ve had one in my hot tub for 6 months and have reduced bromine input by over 75%. It’s amazing how well it helps maintain PH levels. The water feels great and it’s a bonus to not have to spend the $$ on chemicals.

Paul S.

Jackson, WY

Super! I use the unit for several years in my salty hot tub and I did not have to keep the water clear. No algae built up in summer. Only adjust the ph twice a month. Where can I buy in Europe?

Stephan Sz.

Budapest, Hungary

This is so cool! I have one in my hot tub and it works amazingly well!

Michael S.

Napa, CA

Card on Guard is better than space technology. Coming from a different Universum.

Zsolt F.

Zamardi, Hungary